Purpose – Presence – Practice

We each have a reason for being. We are created with a purpose. I believe our lives are vessels to share God’s love. We each are uniquely equipped with gifts to share. Some gifts are easily recognized. We feel stronger, things come easier and are more fun when we are operating from our strengths. Identifying our strengths as a visible example of our God-given gifts helps us live aligned with who we were created to be.

When we live aligned with our gifts and core values we show up differently. Core values serve as a guide in our decision making. Values can be accumulated and so claiming our core values helps us live authentically. Aligned, we let go of what and who others think we ought to be. When we are living out of our gifts and values we find a deep sense of peace and purpose. Our physical, emotional and spiritual lives become synchronized. A connected presence allows us to be grounded, resilient, able to navigate the challenges of life easier. Centered, we are better able to face struggle. Living in this grounded presence we recognize our own needs, more attuned to the needs of our neighbor and creation. This resilient presence draws strength from God even when in the midst of illness, death and dying.

A life of presence takes practice. Each of us will find our own unique practice that may change as listen and are attune to our needs. For some it may be a prayer practice, or a routine of physical activity, or mindful eating, sabbath practice… Practice requires intention, motivation, commitment, accountability and celebration.

Through Devine Coaching: Health, Healing, and Wholeness, I seek to support you in discovering who you are and remembering whose you are.

About the Devine Coaching Logo:
While reconnecting with my roots in Ireland, I was drawn to this Celtic design. Each triangle represents a key component to living authentically: purpose, presence, practice. I have discovered these three to be vital on my own personal growth journey. The three p’s are woven into my coaching, consulting and retreat leadership. Living with purpose, being a presence, and incorporating healing practices into life are essential for health, healing, and wholeness.